EsoCalc JS ReadMe

This software calculates "vibrating" of numbers for integers and strings.
Such number represents an integer from 1 to 9, inclusive,
obtained by summing the decimal digits of the original integer (if the result
get a number greater than 9, then the summation is repeated and so on until the bitter end).
In this program algorithm is slightly modified, namely:
the number is represented as a string;
the digits are calculated from the ASCII codes of digits, their displays (low = code - 48);
- after adding all the digits instead of re-partitioning the resulting number by
discharges, etc. are produced by subtracting 9 from the result as long as the result will not be
less than 10 (if left number is less than 1, it 9-ka is added to the victory, i.e. to
transformation into a vibrating).
The results of such calculations FOR NUMBERS coincide with the original
numerological and easier to understand and does not overload Your CPU. But if
the input data is limited to natural numbers, then this program would not be
good. However, nothing prevents the substitution of TEXT STRINGS instead of numbers. Results in
this does not coincide with the numerological, numerology for Lord somehow in the calculations
for strings consider A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, etc., etc.
Calculations of vibrating numbers for rows on the same algorithm as for numbers, have had very
interesting results:
- if you enter the word "God" (without the quotes, of course) produces the number 3, the same for "love" and for
"JesusChrist"; in this connection, I found that the number of favorable (Yes, I'm religious);
- the number 7 is also considered good, not only because it so say the inhabitants, but
because it turns out to the words "Love" and "mother";
- in East Asian countries is considered an unlucky number 4, for "13" and "devil" it
it turns out;
- finally, the input of three sixes or the name of the main demon gives nine, in connection with which
found it sinister.
Not all so clearly, of course, but apparently there is something in the Latin vibration
The universe, or something...
But the Cyrillic alphabet to find a similar key I could not have managed.

«EsoCalc JS» is based on EsoCalc Console, EsoCalc GUI and EsoCalc for XWindow